Today’s Seed Update 2023.2

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First up: APOLOGIES!

In today’s regular TS message (12-29-2022), the link to the video/audio version of Tuesday’s update took you to the webpage version instead. I didn’t catch the error until “too late”.

The link is corrected now.
Listen to the previous update HERE.
We also have some photos of us you may enjoy. (It’s about ten minutes.)

Speaking of photos, let me share my progress on the studio. (I’m excited about this!)

It is a small room and difficult to photograph well–but oh does it ever bring out the wrinkles in those drapes! (Still have to steam them.) This is the way video studios work:

  • What you see on the sides, top, and walls will usually not be seen.
  • Most videos will be from the desk top up.
  • The green screen background enables multiple different scenes, e.g., brick background.

What you can’t see:

  • A movable sound-absorbing “curtain” to improve audio-only recording quality.
  • Other lights out of view in front of the desk.
  • Acoustic foam covering the ceiling.
  • Lots of wires and cables!

In case you ever want to produce video, this will be an FYI for you: Audio quality is MORE important than video quality. People will watch a lesser quality video if the audio is good but will leave a perfect video if the audio quality is poor.

Much of the studio is makeshift (working with what we have to get it going). We believe this is wisdom and good stewardship. As our funding increases, we can get more durable equipment. But I am not complaining; this will do to begin. Bottom line: It’s a start.

This is our ‘WHY’.

We are doing all of this for one reason:
To reach and disciple Believers.

There are multitudes “out there” who have no local connection, who are not part of a local church or group, for whatever their reasons. My heart goes out to them because I understand that if they are not reached online, they will not be reached at all. It is truly a missions calling.

Reaching those in the vast mission field of the Internet was the original passion of E-MIN. And do you know what has changed since then? Absolutely nothing!

We must find them where they are, which are online platforms, social media, etc. In the way online platforms work, those who watch videos may not read emails. Some video watchers never listen to podcasts and vice versa. Therefore, each platform reaches a unique audience who may never see, read, hear, or interact on another. And each individual in each audience is important to us because each one is important to God!

Therefore, to meet this need--and in addition to email as it is now–we will produce Today’s Seed as a

  • Daily podcast (audio)
  • Full-message video
  • Short-format video (Scripture and prayer only)

And… we are planning to combine Today’s Seed with new services and functions together in a way that has not been done before. This is all for the purpose above. It will be unique… and likely misunderstood at first, as was E-MIN in the beginning.

Continue to cover us in your prayers as we move forward in the ministry vision God has given us. This is “new ground”, and we especially need your prayers now. I am not afraid to be different or misunderstood–as long as I know that it is what God has for us. (See… I “practice what I preach” in Today’s Seed.)

Our deepest gratitude…

A SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who responded to our “call” this year end. Thank you for your prayers and donations. Early in the new year, I want to have a call (maybe on Zoom?) for supporters and those praying for us. I hope you will be on that call.

It will be an opportunity to ask questions, get to know each other, and learn of new things coming–things that you help make possible. I also need your thoughts, feedback, and perspectives. You are enabling a difference in lives around the world. I want you to know more of what you are making possible as you support this ministry and for you to feel as much a part of it as I see you.

Still no drama.

No drama. No emotional plea. As I asked in the previous update, I am again asking that if Today’s Seed has ministered to you, encouraged you, strengthened you in your relationship with God, or is a part of your daily life, include us in your year-end giving.

Again, thanks to all who have answered our call. If you haven’t, please don’t assume “someone else will do it” or because I haven’t mentioned it much in the last couple of years, we don’t need support. We do–especially now. (Read or listen to the previous update to understand why I have not asked.)

Donate with card or checking account

Donate with PayPal

Mail check to:
E-MIN, P. O. Box 220, Warrior, AL 35180

Contact E-MIN

I had hoped to have Venmo ready to launch before year-end. It will not be ready until next week at the earliest. Is it any wonder why problems always seem to present at the last minute?

In closing...

This is an exciting time, but we must always remember to keep it covered in prayer. Though we can get excited by ourselves… we must take care that our goals and actions are in agreement with God’s purpose and vision for us. And when I say ‘us’, I mean all of us as individuals and ‘us’ as E-MIN.

Thank you for your giving, thank you for your prayers, and thank you for allowing us to be part of your life. Now, let’s go and make 2023 all God has in His vision for it to be. Let’s fulfill His purpose for our lives and make a difference in this world.

It’s a couple of days early, but I will go ahead anyway: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In His Service,

Randall Vaughn

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