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Rattle my cage, Lord.

Wake me up!

To rattle someone’s cage means to demand attention from them, wake them from complacency or laxity, or nudge or remind them. It can also mean to aggravate or annoy someone. We are focusing on the first definition.

Today’s Scripture passage describes many of us. Though God is communicating in many ways, we are often oblivious. We see nothing. We hear nothing. We even wonder why God is silent! Truth is, He is communicating–and we are too often simply not paying attention or not putting ourselves in a “place” or “mode” to hear. Perhaps this will illustrate the point:

I tend to get caught up in tasks. When I am focused on a task, I seldom hear from God. Why? My attention is focused elsewhere, namely, what is in my hand or in front of my face. I get immersed in my task; it is all I see. Of course I am not going to perceive God’s communication when I am not listening for it.

It would be like wondering why no one ever sends you email when you never log into your account. You will not get your messages because you have not put yourself in a place to receive them. You could easily say, “I never get email from anyone!” This is how we are with God at times.

This year, I want to be more aware of His communication. To do this, I must put myself in a place and mode to hear. It will not happen otherwise.

A friend whose teaching I follow said, “Peace is the potting soil of revelation.” Revelation is simply something God reveals to you. It could be loud or a whisper. It could be plain and clear or obscure and mysterious. It could be simple or profound–or both at the same time.

The point is that we must do something if we expect to perceive God’s communication. For me, this means slowing down, intentionally taking time to do nothing but be at peace, and being patient. God is not on our schedule!

Revelation rarely comes when we expect it. In fact, most times, it comes when we do not expect it. We may make that deliberate time. We may wait expectantly. And then… nothing. When this happens, I try to not be anxious and accept that “today is not the day.” I know it will come; I just do not know when.

It has been that I spent my time, went about my day, took a shower, and… BAM! Soaking wet in the shower something profound comes. That’s the way it works sometimes. And sometimes not.

I want God to rattle my cage, get my attention, and do whatever He needs to do to cause me to perceive His communication to me. I hope you will be open for Him to do the same with you.

God will not aggravate you or annoy you. He will nudge you, remind you, and perhaps poke you a bit to get your attention. One word from Him can change your entire life. Isn’t that potential worth your time to seek this year?  

You have seen many things, but have paid no attention; your ears are open, but you hear nothing.” (Isa 42:20 NIV)

Prayer: LORD, the stresses and demands of life sometimes cause me to see but not perceive and to hear but not comprehend. Shake me out of my complacency! Do whatever You need to do to get my attention. Help me perceive more of what I see and be aware of Your communication to me. Then, help me act on what I understand. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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“Today’s Seed” from E-MIN Jan. 5, 2023