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Gimme what I want or…

I’ll throw a hissy fit.

Have you ever heard of a hissy fit? I have heard about them all my life. I could not throw one because I was too busy being beaten almost every day of my childhood–but that is beside the point (and true).

I saw other kids throwing hissy fits. ‘Hissy fit’ is a slang term that means “a sudden period of uncontrolled and silly anger like a child’s”. Its origin is believed to be from the word ‘hysterical’. It could more officially be described as a tantrum. We expect tantrums out of three-year-old’s. We do not expect tantrums out of thirty-year-old’s. Or sixties. Or more. So…

How do you think God feels when should-be-mature Believers throw a tantrum because they didn’t get what they wanted? Puts our behavior in a different perspective, does it not?

It is appropriate to ask God for “stuff”, help, intervention, etc. Something is wrong, however, when that is ALL someone seeks from Him. Again, think about how He feels. How would you feel if someone always wanted something from you but never asked how you were, what you needed, or wanted to spend time with you?

Hear God’s heart in today’s Scripture passage. “But oh, that my people would listen to me!” What does this sound like to you? It sounds to me like the words of someone who has been hurt by someone they love.

By their actions, some think God is incapable of such feelings. We are created in His image with the same emotional set. If we are hurt when someone rejects us, why would we think God would not feel pain?

Again, listen to the words. If you come to any other conclusion, I fail to see how.

  • Have you ever asked God how He feels?
  • Have you ever asked Him what brings Him joy?
  • Have you ever asked Him what you can do to bring a smile to His face?

I am SERIOUS! This is what you do in a real relationship. You care what the other person feels. If someone does not, then their relationship is not genuine. If they cannot, then perhaps they are too immature to care. This is what I mean: A three-year-old is too young to know to care while a thirty-year-old has no excuse not to know.

Examine your relationship with God. Is it mature or does it need work? Though uncomfortable, you must answer it. We all will answer it either here or “there” (after this life). Better it be answered here.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. (1 Cor 13:11 NIV)

It’s time for us to grow up. No more hissy fits. No more “gimme” prayers without gratitude or acknowledgment. FYI: This applies to ALL of us. Let’s put our childish ways behind us. God created us for genuine relationship and longs to give us all He has for us (as we become mature enough to receive it).

Let’s see what God has for us when we’re ready to put on our big kid pants.

But oh, that my people would listen to me! Oh, that Israel would follow me, walking in my paths! How quickly I would then subdue their enemies! How soon my hands would be upon their foes! (Psa 81:13-14 NLT)

Prayer: LORD, many of the prayers You hear are cries for Your help in a crisis or for Your intervention in difficult circumstances. I am sure You also hear a lot of “give me” whining. Do You hear many prayers asking for help in hearing Your communication and following Your instructions? Today, I ask You to help me hear You clearly, understand what You communicate to me, and enable me to follow Your instructions with all my spirit, mind, and strength. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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“Today’s Seed” from E-MIN Jan. 17, 2023