Join us in a few minutes (7:00 PM Central) for the second of three Zoom calls.

If you support us financially and/or pray for us, I especially hope you will be on because I want to thank you personally and let you know our progress in the things I shared at year-end.

The link to join is [This link has expired]

This is easy to do. You do not have to have a Zoom account. You can participate from any device, a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone. Here’s how to join the call:

  • Click the link.
  • Your browser will open.
  • Zoom will ask you if you want to open it in Zoom Meetings.
  • If you have a Zoom account, that is the best option.
  • If you do not have a Zoom account, click “Cancel”.
  • Then, click the blue “Launch Meeting” button.

You can also join like a conference call (regular phone call) without Internet or video. To do that, call 312 626 6799, then enter the meeting ID of 889 6054 1396 when prompted.

We will begin promptly at the posted time. We plan to “officially” go for about 30 minutes. If anyone wishes to stay on longer to chat or for prayer, we will make that happen.

We hope to see you in a few minutes!


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“Today’s Seed” Update • Jan. 26, 2023

Randall & Karen Vaughn

With over 40 years in ministry as a pastor, author, worship leader, and songwriter, Randall pioneered E-MIN in 1997, one of the earliest online Christian ministries, the first to utilize the Internet as a native media for ministry, and today the longest continuously operating.

His passion is leading people to deeper, genuine relationship with God. He resides in Alabama with his lovely wife, Karen, two incredible dogs, Hadi and Casi, and enjoys hiking and “prayer walks”.

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