“Today’s Seed” from E-MIN Mar. 21, 2023

What challenges

relationships in your life?

All relationships face challenges and challenging times. There are no exceptions. There are adjustments, compromises, and understandings that must be reached and maintained. Feelings challenge relationships. So do expectations. (And by the way, that is a BIG one!)

What about the most important relationship in your life? I am, of course, speaking of your relationship with God. What challenges it? Pressures by friends can do it. So can expectations at work or conflicts with what you think, feel, or want. Perhaps your greatest challenge is even understanding that you have a relationship with God.

If this is the case, you are not alone because some people have a limited knowledge of God and keep certain rules that (they think) comprise a relationship. Let’s go ahead and eliminate that misunderstanding: Keeping rules neither creates nor comprises a relationship and knowledge is not emotional or spiritual intimacy.

Religion is about rules. Relationship is about connection. If it is healthy, it will be rooted and maintained in love. Though He does not use that word, in today’s Scripture passage Jesus refers to relationship. He describes components of genuine relationship including loyalty, faithfulness, and its reciprocal nature.

If you love someone, you will stand with them regardless of circumstances or opposition. This is the type of relationship Jesus references in these verses. “You stand with Me, I stand with you.” is His essential message.

Another very important point here: Some misunderstand His words. He is not being harsh, but rather, simply factual. He is saying that He will testify to Father of the existence or nonexistence of a relationship. Either we have it or we do not–and Jesus WILL be truthful.

What will He say about your relationship with Him? Does it exist? Is it strong? Are you faithful in it? Do you stand for and with Him regardless of who, what, when, or where challenges that relationship?

Consider these things and make your decision now. Choose to stand with Him. Then, when your relationship with Jesus is challenged, your decision will not be what to do or say in the moment but to be faithful to your commitment. The latter is far easier than the former.

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Today’s Seed™ Scripture and Prayer for Mar. 21, 2023:

“If anyone acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will openly acknowledge that person before my Father in heaven. But if anyone denies me here on earth, I will deny that person before my Father in heaven. (Mat 10:32-33 NLT)

Prayer: LORD, my relationship with You is sometimes challenged by things such as pressure from friends, expectations at work, or even conflicts with my desires. I want to be committed in our relationship such that my allegiance to You does not waiver regardless of the challenge. Give me strength to stand and acknowledge our relationship anywhere, anytime, and in any way required. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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‘Today’s Seed’ from E-MIN • Mar. 21, 2023

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