Dog people:

You know this look.

This is a universal gesture of dogs when you say something they do not understand. It is almost exclusively reserved for their owners and/or trainers. The head cocks to one side and the eyes are intently locked on yours. All their focus is on you because they WANT to understand and YOU are their source.

For us, focusing on spiritual things we do not understand is good … sometimes. It can be detrimental when we allow them to dominate our attention. Some people obsess over what they do not understand. This is when it can be not good. Do not misunderstand me: Seeking greater knowledge and understanding is certainly something God wants us to do. Just be careful not to take it to extremes.

If, when training a dog, they focus on something to the point of ignoring all other commands and cues, this must be trained out of them. Why? It could prevent them from doing their job, fulfilling their purpose, or could even endanger their lives.

This works the same with us spiritually. Today’s Scripture passage is an example. In these verses, Paul teaches a controversial topic–or I should say, what has BECOME a controversial topic. People have obsessed on this over the years to the point of excluding more important understandings.

Is there going to be a “rapture” (a catching away)? Is there not going to be a “rapture”? If there is, will it be pre, mid, or post trib? (If you do not know what pre, mid, or post trib is, do not worry about it right now.) Arguments have ensued. Relationships have been destroyed. Entire Christian denominations have been built up or torn down over these arguments.

I am going to say something with which some of the pre, mid, or post trib-ers may take issue. The pre, mid, or post trib rapture question is unimportant in one very significant way: Regardless of whether we are caught away in a “rapture” event (or not) or whether we go through the “tribulation period” prophesied in Revelation (or not), the important thing is that we live our lives every day in relationship with Jesus.

If a “rapture” event occurs, whether pre, mid, or post trib, we will go with Him. If it does not occur, we will go with Him whenever He returns and calls us. So, whether it occurs as we think or not, if we live every day in relationship with Him, we will go with Him when the time is right.

THIS is the important point to take away. THIS is most important to know. So, to become embroiled in arguments or questions over this or any other issue that would distract from more important things we need to learn would be unwise.

This is my advice: When you encounter things you do not understand in Scripture, do not obsess on them. In fact, I will go further and suggest that you simply ask God for understanding, then move on. If it is something you need to know, He will give you wisdom, insight, and understanding. If it is not something you need to know right now, He will bring the understanding when the time is right–from HIS perspective.

Focus on what you are able to understand. If you do this, you will be plenty busy. Leave the hard-to-understand things to God to bring you understanding IF you need it, and if so, WHEN you need it.

When you encounter one of those things, it is all right to look at God with your head cocked, spiritual eyes locked on Him, and wait for understanding. Just don’t forget to blink–or listen for His next command.

Today’s Seed™ Scripture and Prayer for Mar. 27, 2023:

Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed– in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. (1 Cor 15:51-52 NIV)

Prayer: LORD, there are many mysteries I do not understand. Rather than obsessing on what I do not understand, help me focus on and learn more about what I do understand. As I do this, the rest will work itself out. I will in time come to understand what I do not know or I will discover I do not need to know it after all. Either way, I trust You to lead me where I need to go and teach me what I need to know. In all that I need, I look to and listen for You because You are my source. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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‘Today’s Seed’ from E-MIN • Mar. 27, 2023

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2 thoughts on ““Today’s Seed” from E-MIN Mar. 27, 2023

  1. I appreciate your words today. I am inundated with questions that are proselytising that the tribulation will be tomorrow next Tuesday 14 years from now in this been done the same way through history as I’m sure you know. I really believe that people should get on with living a true Christian life because the Lord is taking care of all the rest. Just my two cents worth! Terry


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