“Today’s Seed” from E-MIN June 8, 2023

What does …

a 930-year-old man look like?

Adam was the ripe old age of 930 when he died. Wow! Think about that: almost a millennia of life. What would that be like? What would it LOOK like? Would you think he looked something like Gandalf? I think not.

I believe Adam’s appearance was beyond what we can imagine. When we consider that all human life came from his and Eve’s DNA, they must have been magnificent specimens of humanity. After all, they were God’s direct handiwork! We all are, of course, but they were especially so, at least in the way I think.

The potential for all the races, variations, and adaptations of humanity resided in their DNA. Every group tends to imagine Adam and Eve as looking like their group. I believe they, along with all the other people named in today’s Scripture passage looked like something we cannot imagine.

The point of today’s message is simple: You exist to fulfill your part of God’s plan for those who will come after you just as Adam fulfilled his part for you and me.

If there had not been an Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, and Methuselah, there would not be a Randall, Karen, or you. Who will be in the world because of you? This question is not limited to physical offspring. It can be spiritual as well. The concept of spiritual sons and daughters is as valid as natural ones, in my understanding.

I am grateful for those who were before me. All of them contributed to me being who I am today. They had a part to fulfill in God’s plan for them that caused me to exist. Who will exist because of me? Only God knows–and be assured: He DOES know. In fact, He already knows THEM.

In 2001, I had a unique experience. I visited a surviving brother of my grandfather in the hospital. As I sat on Uncle Harry’s bed talking and listening to the stories of his life, I experienced a profound sense of connection. I remember thinking as he spoke that “this is cloth from which I was cut”. It was a powerful moment I will never forget. I understood that my life was a product of this family line, a line of men I so greatly admired, strong men who loved God.

Who came before the brothers I do not know. I know they existed because the brothers would not have existed without them. I am here because of them and someone will come after me because of me. They never knew me–but God did. He knew me (past tense) before I was born (Jer 1:5).

Know that you exist for a reason. If there was not a reason, you would not exist. What is your reason, your purpose? You may not know in this life. The truth is that it is not necessary to know. It is only necessary to trust that God will fulfill what He needs to do in your life as you trust Him to do so.

So, do you? Trust Him to do it I mean? Someone, somewhere, sometime–perhaps even generations from now–is depending on you. Be there for them as someone was there for you.

Today’s Seed™ Scripture and Prayer for June 8, 2023:

Altogether, Adam lived 930 years, and then he died. Altogether, Seth lived 912 years, and then he died. Altogether, Enosh lived 905 years, and then he died. Altogether, Kenan lived 910 years, and then he died. Altogether, Mahalalel lived 895 years, and then he died. Altogether, Jared lived 962 years, and then he died. Altogether, Enoch lived 365 years. Altogether, Methuselah lived 969 years, and then he died. (Gen 5:5,8,11,14,17,23,27 NIV)

Prayer: LORD, I am grateful there was an Adam, Seth, Enosh, and all the fathers, mothers, and children that have been because without them, I would not be now. Most of all, I am grateful for You and that I have a relationship with You. Those before me played their part in Your plan. Help me fulfill the part You have planned for me for those who will come after me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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