E-MIN has been a pioneer in Internet-based ministry.

Operations were begun in 1998 after a year of intensive prayer, research, and preparation that began in early 1997.

  • E-MIN was the first ministry to recognize the Internet as a native media for ministry—as opposed to a medium of information—in spreading the Word of God.
  • E-MIN is the only ministry of that time and type still in operation twenty years later.
  • E-MIN was the first to introduce the concept that the Internet is a legitimate “mission field” (and in our opinion, the greatest that has ever existed).
  • Being the first, E-MIN coined the name representing electronic ministry—as in e-biz, e-trade, e-commerce, etc.

Our original mission statement was as follows:

“Our Mission is to pioneer new and innovative ministries and ministry concepts via the Internet in order to effectively reach this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

We further clarified this mission with goals including these:

  • Bridge the perception gap that exists between “electronic ministry”, “personal contact ministry”, and “traditional church”, thereby bringing a greater level of unity to Believers as a whole and more effectively reaching this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
  • Encourage a greater sense of global unity among Believers by establishing an interactive community of Believers that transcends race, culture, language, or doctrinal differences, embracing the words of Jesus in John 17:20-21 and of Paul in Galatians 3:26-28

 E-MIN was an early proof of concept.

In twenty years “out there”, we have proven the concept. We have learned much about what constitutes Internet ministry. We now understand more of the true purpose and potential of this unprecedented missions opportunity, as well as its place with and within traditional church as we know it. We have also learned much about how to effectively reach the people of this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we enter our third decade of ministry via the Internet, E-MIN is uniquely positioned and qualified to bring greater clarity and understanding of the true nature of Internet ministry—and it is not what most think. This understanding is vital to accomplishing our mission.

In 2000, in an article titled “A Generation Is Waiting”, Founder, Randall Vaughn wrote:

“There was a generation that grew up with radio. The church did not recognize that potential or seize it early on. There was a generation that grew up with television. The church’s response was equally complacent at first.

 If we [Believers, as a whole] miss THIS opportunity [ministry via Internet], we will be in the unfortunate role of playing “catch-up” while others who do not share the values and truths we cherish have already marked the territory and turned this generation even further away from God. “

In hindsight…

Sadly, that consequence has come to pass. Two decades later, we see people around the world aggressively reject church—organized religion—as we know it. Yet, in reality, what they reject is not Jesus or genuine Christianity, but rather, a system that they perceive has failed—and failed them. In many cases, they are correct.

There are millions of them out there. They can be effectively reached if we are willing to accept that the way we have always done things is not the way we will always do things. Vaughn said in 2010 in a later article, “A Synopsis of ‘The 6th Paradigm'”: “We must never compromise the message, but the method of the message is not sacred.”

 The heart of a missions calling:

It is imperative that we reach people where they are and in the ways they will receive the message. This is and has always been the heart-cry of a missions calling—and it is E-MIN’s heart. This is why we are uncompromisingly committed to our mission.

And why are we so passionate about our mission? Because a generation is still waiting.

The heart-cry  of a generation:

That is the heart-cry of a missions calling. Perhaps singer/songwriter Peter Mulvey captured this generation’s heart-cry best in his song, “Better Way To Go”. Please read this and take it to heart. It is unflattering, but it is how “they” feel out there. Excerpts from Mulvey’s song:

“I just came from the guru’s website.
I’m still washing off the smell.
Why don’t he just go on TV
And say “Pay up or go to hell.” 

I was looking, if he had something to say.
Lately, it’s been hard to get through my day.

Looking for something, I don’t know…
I was looking for a better way to go 

Something’s missing deep inside of me
That’s as common as the rain.
I am long on good intentions,
But I got zero tolerance for pain 

And in this I’m like everyone you find.
We try, but it’s hard to be kind.
Every day, I lose another chunk of myself.
Every day there’s just more junk upon my shelf. 

Don’t give me a destination different from the rest.
Don’t tell me I win if I only try my best.
I just hope there’s someone there to know,
To say he helped me find a better way to go. 

Won’t you help me find a better way to go?”

Can you hear the pain in these words? They know something is missing. They are searching for it online and elsewhere. They want something real and they need someone to help them.

They do not know where to find what they need, but it is reasonably certain they will not walk into a traditional church to find what they seek because either they do not see “church” (organized religion) as a solution or, in some cases, that is where they were hurt.

We must go to them with the genuine message of Jesus. We can get it to them in ways they may hear it. We must do this now, because they need it now.

You are reading this because we need your help to make it so! A generation is still waiting.

And we are already late!