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is not the best policy.

Have you heard the old adage, “Honesty is the best policy?” I disagree. I submit that it is the ONLY policy for us as Believers. Why?

Honesty (INTEGRITY) is a component of our relationship with God. If we are dishonest with others, we cannot then come to God and expect our relationship with Him to be “hunky dory”. It just does not work that way.

This is direct, perhaps even harsh, but true nonetheless: People who are dishonest with others and think they are all right with God are living in a delusional state of mind. The two are mutually exclusive. This means that each excludes or precludes the other.

And then, there is a practical side. Today’s Scripture passage is from Proverbs, one of the most practical books in the Bible. Spiritual values aside, the wisdom expressed in Proverbs is the best system for successful living that exists!

So, what about honesty from a practical perspective?

Dishonest people are deceitful, deceptive, unreliable, and untrustworthy. Try to do business with one and eleven times out of ten, you will regret it. (That was not a mistake.) In relationships, they cause more pain than they are worth. In families, they are a source of division and strife. In the workplace, they are as bad as in relationships.

Today’s Scripture passage ends with, “Truth stands the test of time; lies are soon exposed.” How true this is! The truth eventually comes out, regardless of how cleverly the lie is spun.

Our core motivation for being honest is that honesty is a characteristic of God. He does not tolerate sin–and would anyone dispute that dishonesty is sin? Remember the simple definition: Sin is anything that is in disagreement with God.

I encourage you to be honest in everything–even if it hurts–because the integrity of your relationship with God depends on it. You may have to establish new ways of thinking. For example: If you deceive someone, is what you gain or avoid worth more than your relationship with God? If you choose to deceive, your actions would say it is–to you.

The bottom line is that whatever you must do to live in integrity with God, do it! Today and right now is a good day and time to make the commitment.

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Today’s Seed™ Scripture and Prayer for Mar. 16, 2023:

An honest witness tells the truth; a false witness tells lies. Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing. Truth stands the test of time; lies are soon exposed. (Prov 12:17-19 NLT)

Prayer: LORD, I set my intention to be truthful with You first and then with everyone else–even if it is inconvenient, if it hurts, or if it puts me in someone’s debt. Integrity is a component of my relationship with You. I do not want to compromise my integrity for anyone or anything because nothing is worth compromising my relationship with You. Help me make it so in everything that concerns my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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‘Today’s Seed’ from E-MIN • Mar. 16, 2023

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